Every design starts with a concept. Understanding the task and the topic is always the first step to develop a new visual language, no matter for which media.

Digital Design

Transferring the luxury and glamour of printed goods into the digital world is one of our goals. We spend our time to consider the details, even for the fast-paced digital output. 


Images are everywhere and are very complex in itself. We analyse images, create guidelines, consult on image concepts, or come up with new ideas for images in various settings. No matter if they are part of the branding or appear in a social media context.

Visual Communication

Design communicates, visual elements communicate. We are experts when it comes to knowledge of how design is perceived and how information can be organised in a way that suits the purpose of the sender.

Art Direction

We also work in teams, guide juniors and work on projects that require Art Direction. After years of experience we are able to connect to the bigger picture and bring various design elements together – Brand aligned and based on concepts.


We do for example information graphics, illustrations, and icon design. As well as graphics for brandings and logos.


Creating a positive user experience is the most important to consider and can be achieved by reducing unnecessary and stressful design elements. Crafting beautiful and unique User Interfaces is our main goal. Colour schemes and carefully considered typefaces should go along with an icon set and consistent components.


We do trend and user research. We also investige in the status quo, competitors, or state of the art to create best practice use cases.